our story

Ultimate Care Management is a division of The Engel Burman Group. When the first assisted living community owned by Engel Burman opened its doors back in 2001, they realized early on that they would need a dedicated management team if they were to ensure the quality resident experience they were after. They scoured the industry to assemble a team with highly specific strengths: impeccable credentials, depth of compassion and roots in the local community. This team led the first communities to resounding success, and multiple communities soon followed.

Today, Ultimate Care manages several senior living brands, each with multiple locations across the tri-state area, providing the Executive Directors and their staffs with field-proven guidance and support. The results are considerable, tangibly felt and they benefit each resident and family. We institute efficiencies that keep program costs down. We monitor performance in every department. We uphold the highest industry standards. And we take exceptional care of our team, so they do the same for
our residents.