Kyra has been with the organization since June 2003, and during that time she has continued to be instrumental in the grand openings and renovations of numerous communities, as well as daily operation across all communities. In many respects, Kyra is the administrative IT glue that keeps Ultimate Care Management up and running. Among her many responsibilities are included configuring and maintaining our various hardware and software platforms to ensure the operational integrity and security of our network. She manages the provisioning of all server and PC applications and oversees IT operations for our employee and resident populations.

Kyra serves as the liaison between in-house operations and our numerous information systems vendors, as well as construction and development partners, ensuring all aspects of expansion, build-out and renovation align with our IT goals, objectives and daily operation. Kyra received both her Bachelors in Sociology and her Masters in Business Administration from SUNY at Albany; her Masters has a concentration in Human Resources Information Systems.