Marlynn has over 25 years experience in the field of Human Resources. More than 10 of these years have included a deep focus in the Assisted Living industry. In her capacity, she is called upon to provide the management team with mission-critical guidance on such vital areas as legal compliance, employee relations and overall performance management. Through the employee open door policy, she provides an opportunity for team members to voice their concerns and feel they’ve been heard, all in a supportive, confidential encourages that familiarity and trust.

Having been on the acquiring side on numerous mergers and acquisitions, Marlynn has been instrumental in helping the distinct cultures of multiple organizations blend together and operate as one. She helps our employees understand that they are in the people business, and the experience she possesses helps us locate the best staff possible to attend to our residents. Through exciting and motivational employee programs and highly selective skills-based recruitment, she is able to gain and maintain a very caring and engaged employee base. Marlynn holds a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from New York University.